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How to Replace a Broken Slate Tile

Man standing next to partially installed slate roofVery few roofing materials can match the beauty and durability of a slate roof. As one of the most durable types of roofs you can install onto your home, it can last up to 100 years if maintained correctly. One thing you want to ensure you do on a regular basis is to inspect the roof and have it repaired when necessary.

Replacing a broken slate tile can be relatively simple if you have the correct tools. You want to ensure you have a hammer, flat pry bar, slate ripper, slate cutter, caulk gun, chicken ladder, and tin snips on hand to complete the repair. You will also need replacement slates, copper roofing nails, sheet copper, and polyurethane caulk or asphalt mastic.

You will then begin to remove the damaged tile with the slate ripping tool. Once the area is cleared and prepped for the new tile, you want to ensure it is matched to the exact size you will need. When you are installing the plate, you want to make sure the nails are not too tight, as that can cause damage to the new tile.

If you notice a broken slate tile, you will want to contact Rollins & Associates, Inc. for the best slate roof repair in Baltimore. Our team will be able to assess your roof and effectively repair any damage that may have been done to your roof.

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Female construction worker laying slate tilesFor over fifteen years, Rollins & Associates, Inc. has been delivering the leading standard of service to homes throughout the Baltimore area. Our team is fully equipped for anything, from roof repairs and gutters to home remodeling and chimneys.

Our contractors provide a full range of repair, renovation, and home improvement services for homeowners. Though our primary focus is copper flashing, copper gutters, and slate roof repair in Baltimore, we also provide roof replacements, chimney services, and more. If you have a historic home in need of repairs or renovation, Rollins & Associates, Inc. is the company to call!

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