Copper Roofing in Baltimore

Create a safe setup at your home with the service options from Rollins & Associates, Inc. Our roofing contractors in Baltimore, MD, offer a range of options for clients with copper roofing and gutters. Whether you have an issue with your copper roof flashing or another part of the structure, you can count on us to deliver the top results for every project. Request our assistance today for your home.

Choosing Copper for Your Home

Copper roofing in Baltimore is a versatile and beautiful option that fits with many home styles. With proper installation, your copper roofing and gutters will last for many years to come.

Over time, corrosion will lead to a patina forming on the copper. While this layer is not damaging in itself, things like bacteria, acid rain, and masonry cleaners can cause problems to develop. For this reason, it is essential that you rinse the copper on a regular basis to eliminate this corrosion.

Service from Our Professionals

Copper is one of the most popular materials used for roofing and gutters. This natural product can last for more than 100 years and requires little maintenance to keep it functional. In fact, many homeowners can go their entire lives without the need for services.

While copper roofing in Baltimore is made to last, there may be times when you require a little extra care to keep your roof and gutter in excellent condition. Our professionals are available to address any concerns you have regarding your copper chimney flashing and other building features.

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We Focus on the Details

Due to the unique construction of your copper roofing, performing repairs is a job best left to our roofing contractors in Baltimore, MD. In most cases, copper roof sheets are held together with welded joints. During replacement, the copper must be softened with heat to prevent fractures from occurring.

Receive the top service for your home when you turn to our team for your copper gutter repair. We work quickly and efficiently to ensure your setup is adequately handled. By focusing on the details, we can address all signs of fatigue before they can lead to further damage. We invite you to speak with our team to learn more about the benefits of adding copper to your home.

Contact us in Baltimore, Maryland, for the best copper gutter repair and roofing services. We offer our services to customers throughout the Baltimore area.