Why Your Chimney Needs To be Cleaned Regularly


Nothing makes a home feel cozy and inviting like a wood-burning fireplace. However, a poorly maintained chimney can lead to a variety of issues, from a sooty home to chimney fires. Regularly cleaning your chimney can drastically reduce your chances of such an occurrence, and it is essential to hire the professionals to get the job done right.

Wood fires do not burn clean, as the material releases a variety of contaminants that stick inside of the chimney. Creosote will begin to form on the interior and will continue to remain and build up until physically removed. Organic flammable debris can also fall into the chimney due to weather conditions or small animals up on your roof.

How Do Chimney Fires Start?

The first sign of a chimney fire will be loud snaps and pops, like gunshots, which progress into a deep rumbling. Flaming creosote particles will then fall into the firebox. Flames will burst out of the chimney and back down into the firebox, often causing the flue to crack. The homeowner can not control these fires, and the house will suffer flood damage due to firefighters shooting water down into the chimney from the top.

To avoid this scary scenario, contact the professionals at Rollins & Associates, Inc. We offer a variety of chimney-related services, such as cleaning and chimney repair in Baltimore and the surrounding communities.

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